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Single visit - 16 eur

Buying 4x plan - 14.5 eur

Buying 8x plan - 12.2 eur

Buying 12x plan - 11 eur 

Mommy Yoga |
yoga for expecting

With Lina

Tuesday and Thursday 19:30

This class is held in Lithuanian.

Gentle movement practice for expecting women. Specifically designed session combines mindful movement, breathing, and relaxation to help you feel comfortable both physically and emotionally during this period of change.


Mindful practice will allow you to better feel your body, its changes, and how we can help ourselves feel good during the waiting and post-waiting stages.

IMPORTANT: Before starting to practice, it is recommended to consult with your doctor. It is also important to listen to your body. For those who have never practiced yoga, it is recommended to start attending sessions only from the 12th week of pregnancy.


• Cultivating awareness along with movement helps to observe changes, emotions, their nature, and provides tools to cope with difficult times.

• Noticing and managing emotions and thoughts can alleviate psychological tension and anxiety. We learn to observe, release, relax, and rest, accumulating strength.

• Mindfulness helps to nurture inner wisdom, better understand one's body, the messages it sends, allowing to listen to one's intuition.

• Meditation and mindfulness practices also help prepare for childbirth and motherhood.

• Movement practice can help reduce physical discomfort that may arise as the body changes. Sessions are tailored to strengthen where most needed at this stage, to create more space and freedom in the body, feeling the power of gentleness. Safely.

• Breathing techniques are adapted to help you calm down and focus through breathing, preparing for childbirth, and ensuring an adequate supply of oxygen as its demand increases in the body.



I am a certified Yoga Alliance teacher (RYT 200) and I teach Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. I am also a certified Children's yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance YACEP courses "Yoga Zoo").


Courses and qualifications upliftment:

  • 200 hours of Yoga Alliance training

  • 50-Hour Yin Anatomy Teacher Training (YACEP) from EkhartYoga Academy

  • 20 hours course on "Pregnancy and Postpartum Yoga Fundamentals" at Uniyoga in Kaunas

Seminars and additional courses: Children's Yoga teacher courses, Meditation instructor training, "Iyengar Yoga Seminar for Teachers," "Fundamentals of Therapeutic Yoga."

In my practices, I emphasize attentiveness, functionality (poses adaptation to different bodies) and sensations (somatic movement). In order to provide a deeper yoga experience, I use the principles of mindfulness-based stress management. 


I believe that yoga does not only happen on the mat as everyone can bring it home  and adapt it to their own life journey. Knowing what yoga and how we experience it are very important parts of the practice. 

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