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Single visit - 16 eur

Buying 4x plan - 14.5 eur

Buying 8x plan - 12.2 eur

Buying 12x plan - 11 eur 

Restorative Yoga

With Marija

Sunday 16:00

This class is held in Lithuanian.

We welcome Sunday evenings with a gentle rest, releasing the fatigue of the week with the winds.

As we slow down, we can awaken from compressed time. Rest awakens.


Unlike in other yoga practices, in this one, we learn to actively "release" the muscles.

We allow all body systems to rest, enabling the body's self-regulation processes that promote healing and regeneration.

Using auxiliary yoga tools (bolsters, straps, supports, etc.), we create a structure of comfort where the body can relax physically and mentally. Gently releasing tension and activity, we dissolve stress and fatigue in a gentle, supportive, safe environment.

Throughout the practice, I will carefully guide you through the body map, seeking locations where relaxation can unfold with each exhale.

Everyone is welcome in this class! Especially those who feel exhausted after an illness, after intense physical or emotional stress, or simply after a challenging week. 


Marija Stonytė-Idzelė

Certified Yoga Alliance teacher

RYT 200, Vinyasa Flow (Vilnius)
RYT 300, Iyengar and Vinyasa Flow (India, Goa)

I am interested not in objects but specifically in the spaces between them.

What is between inhalation and exhalation? What is between one yoga pose and another?

Space.It opens up within our body, in our breath, in our minds, and much deeper.

What can happen when no object binds me, and I feel complete? It's the freedom flowing within us.

Respect for the yoga tradition and a constant search for how to integrate it into today's context. That is my main task.

I advocate for a healthy balance and sustainable movement in the long run. And it consists of consistent steps, understanding our physical body, and the ability to listen to it.

Coming from the field of architecture, yoga practice for me is about creating internal spaces. I have experienced office life, creative work, so I know well what a burnt-out mind and body needs. In practice, I pay a lot of attention to safety and detail. I want everyone who comes to practice to continue their movement journey smoothly.


Let's search for the harmony of internal composition together, so that tranquility and elevation can unfold. It's a great opportunity to share this harmony not only with oneself during practice but also in the flow of everyday life with others.

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