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Single visit - 16 eur

Buying 4x plan - 14.5 eur

Buying 8x plan - 12.2 eur

Buying 12x plan - 11 eur 


With Ramutė

Tuesday and Thursday 16:00

This class is held in Lithuanian.

Pilates is an ode to the body and a quick recharge for the mind. It's a creative process aimed at discovering the most effective parameters of the body: ensuring strength, balance, coordination, mobility, and harmonious interaction. Together, we will learn to strengthen, trust our bodies more, expand the limits of movement, and load up on positive emotions.

During the workouts, we will apply various techniques, develop physical abilities, and cultivate the joy of movement as we learn from each other.

The session is suitable for everyone who wants to strengthen, move healthy, and spend an enjoyable hour together.



In my professional practice, I am a kinesiotherapist and a healthy lifestyle specialist. In everyday life, I "breathe" with the pursuit of better well-being in a broad sense. This fascinates me for many reasons, but most of all because it has no finite point. I choose movement because it liberates, provides an opportunity to get to know oneself, and confidently face everyday challenges with firmer steps. By instilling confidence, movement teaches change, patience, and commitment to oneself.

An inexhaustible variety of practices and innovations intertwined with alternative medicine require constant improvement, deepening of knowledge, practical application. These practices also do not allow "taking a break" in a professional sense. The human body and individuality allow for precise creativity. Precision is characterized by the fact that we cannot deviate from certain norms; we must have a very solid theoretical foundation and, most importantly, be extremely attentive to not cause harm. Meanwhile, creativity is unleashed through individuality - after all, I believe that there is no one rule fitting everyone. We must listen and consider a large baggage of personal traits and strive to lookat each one with "fresh"  eyes.

That's the kind of specialist I strive to be in practice - precisely creative.

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