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Single visit - 25 eur

Buying 4x plan - 22.5 eur

Buying 8x plan - 21.25 eur 

Intuitive art

With Laura Marija

Wednesday 19:30

This class is held in Lithuanian.

*Practice does not take place every week - you can find information in the schedule section

Intuitive art is a time for yourself, a meeting with your creative side, relaxation, and reflecting on experiences through art and the sound of crystal bowls.


With the sounds of the instruments, it's easy to immerse yourself in a meditative state, allowing yourself to try various forms of self-expression and create intuitively.


I invite you to experiment with colors, drawing and painting tools, and to experience your own creative expression together!


Laura Marija

My name is Laura Marija, I am an interdisciplinary artist and sound therapy practitioner. I express myself through sound healing, Reiki, and sensory energy drawings. I call myself a 21st-century flaneuse (a woman who wanders the streets), shaped by my life in various cities: Barcelona, London, and New York. The main themes of my practice include psychogeography, intimacy, softness, friendship, and spiritual healing. Currently, I am experimenting with a playground of body games, creating rituals using drawings and flower petals, exploring new forms of spirituality, revealing vulnerability through sensation.


I completed two levels of Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Therapy courses at Selda Soul Space in London. I have also completed Reiki studies. I connect sound healing and Reiki with my artistic practices, enjoying the magical synergy and wishing to share it with the world.

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