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Yoga, mindfulness, art & event studio

kristinos laiskas

I've always dreamed of a place in Vilnius where I could practice everything I love. On some days, it could be finding my inner peace while curled up in a yoga pose. On other days, it is dabbing a brush on a canvas, journaling, meditating for hours or listening to live music. That is how the idea for "esu dabar studio" was born. It is a space that combines the various activities that expand the soul and bring presence to the current moment.


It is very simple. Here you can choose to nourish your body with healing movements or sounds. You can allow yourself to fully breathe, calm your thoughts, restore balance. You can meet inspiring people. Discover new colors. Have a cup of tea and gaze out of the window. You can be as you are now without any expectation for yourself and others.


Allow yourself to inhale, exhale, and feel the present moment. There is no other place you need to be right now.


My door is open to you. So is my heart.


With love,


Regular classes

Various yoga and pilates classes for different levels,  breathing exercises, sound therapy, mindful journaling sessions, creative painting classes


Special events

Events connecting people and experiences - inspiring workshops, live music evenings, weekend yoga with brunch at "Demoloftas" restaurant and much more


Studio can become a space for your project. Shows, team buildings, photography & video projects - we are excited to provide home for your creative ideas.


  • Esu Dabar studio & Demoloftas: jogos pusryčiai
    Esu Dabar studio & Demoloftas: jogos pusryčiai
    Sun, 26 May
    Esu Dabar studio
    26 May 2024, 10:00 – 13:00
    Esu Dabar studio, T. Ševčenkos g. 16A, 03111 Vilnius, Lietuva
    Unikali sekmadienio patirtis, jungianti judesį, maistą ir žmones.
  • Osho dynamic meditation
    Osho dynamic meditation
    Sun, 02 Jun
    Esu Dabar studio
    02 Jun 2024, 10:00 – 11:15
    Esu Dabar studio, T. Ševčenkos g. 16a, 03111 Vilnius, Lietuva
    Energizing morning practice
  • Žinutė moters kūnui
    Žinutė moters kūnui
    Sun, 02 Jun
    Esu Dabar studio
    02 Jun 2024, 17:00 – 19:00
    Esu Dabar studio, T. Ševčenkos g. 16a, 03111 Vilnius, Lietuva
    Praktinis seminaras su kineziterapeute Ramute Jonušaite


A gift of unique experience

Invite your beloved ones to step away from everyday life, relax and experience something new. 

Our personalized gift cards allow to participate in painting, sound therapy and breathing sessions. 

Adaptable to various budgets!
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Practices for here & now

WHITE practices

Yoga and Dance

7 types of yoga and dance-movement classes

BLUE practices

Sounds and breathwork

gong, Tibetan and crystal bowl therapy, breathing practices

BLUE practices


Thematic painting lessons and painting theraphy sessions
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T. Ševčenkos g. 16a-124, 03111 Vilnius

(entrance from Vytenio street, II floor)

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