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Kristina Bučinskaitė

I strongly believe that each of us has a full set of tools to help us feel the way we want to. After I discovered the power of breathwork four years ago, I started to constantly deepen my knowledge about different breathing techniques, adaptable in everyday life. Today, I guide group, personal sessions and I organize psychedelic breathing evenings where I invite people to deeply experience their inner mind & body processes and recognize where the tension is coming from. In each of my class I also guide the participants through specific meditations, which can help to reach a state of relaxation really deeply and quickly. 


Practising breathing can significantly improve the quality of life and help to get rid of anxiety, insomnia, physical and emotional pain. I know from my own experience that by using this powerful tool we can become much healthier & happier.

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Rūta Bartuškevičiūtė

I started my yoga journey over 8 years ago whilst studying at university and going through stressful time. I had a goal to bring more calmness and relaxation into my life. After discovering many mental and physical benefits of yoga, I decided to follow my passion and deepen the knowledge by completing my 200hrs Vinyasa/ Ashtanga Yoga teacher training in India (in 2019);  later 30hrs Yoga for Flexibility & Relaxation training, 20hrs Yoga Wheel courses in Malta and 50hrs Transformative Yoga Teacher Training in Spain for further growth and development.

I am extremely happy to have discovered yoga and I am grateful for all the lessons this wonderful practise has given me. I share my experience to inspire others to take care of themselves and discover the power of the connection between body, mind and breath.

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Kristė Sedlevičiūtė

I am a certified yoga and meditation teacher, deeply passionate about fostering connections and sharing positive energy. My journey began in the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh, India, where I earned my 200hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Training certification. I further refined my skills in anatomy, meditation, and Yin Yoga during a 100hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Adam Stonebraker. My commitment to learning continued with various yoga trainings in London, where I delved into yoga, anatomy, meditation, philosophy, and movement.

As a yoga teacher, I am to harmonise the rich traditions of yoga with modern movement science. I offer personalised guidance to help individuals reach their unique goals, whether it's stress relief, increased strength, flexibility, better balance, or improved overall health. I emphasise adapting yoga poses to suit each person's unique body, experiences, and abilities rather than conforming to a single "correct" version of a pose. In my classes, everyone is encouraged to listen to their own body.


Through my teaching, I aim to bring peace and well-being to those I guide on their yoga mats.

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Ieva Luna

I am a yoga teacher, the founder of "Moonlight Yoga Retreats" camps and I have more than five years of experience teaching in Spain, England and Lithuania. During the quarantine, I created my own YouTube yoga channel, which gathered a community of more than 13 thousand subscribers.


In my yoga movement practices, yoga tradition meets modern science. During these classes, we move from one pose to another, exploring the process, the breath, the sensations and possibilities of the body. We strengthen our muscles and their adaptability to the environment by expanding the variety of movements. I find it important to create a warm and welcoming environment where each person feels supported in their yoga practice journey. I believe that advanced yoga is way more than headstands. It is an inner intention, a process of self-exploration and knowledge.

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Asta Paulauskaitė

I've been dancing for as long as I can remember. It all started at the Kaunas School of Choreography, then I became fascinate with the Hip Hop style and it continued from there. I think that there isn't a dance style that I haven't touched. My extensive and varied experience helps me merge into the music and express it through my body without defining any particular style.


For some time now, I've been delving into the therapeutic side of dance. This includes dance-movement therapy, the practice of 5 rhythms, and all other dance movement languages that compel one to shed beliefs about oneself and about dance. Speaking of beliefs about dance, there are many: I notice how many people feel uncomfortable as soon as music starts playing.


Freedom begins with a thought, followed by a bold step, and then comes experience and comfort, which we step into. Movement only requires relaxation and shedding expectations. Just that. I know it sounds like a lot, but it's possible. I invite you to experience it together and let your personality unfold in rhythm.

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Certified Yoga Alliance teacher

RYT 200, Vinyasa Flow (Vilnius)
RYT 300, Iyengar and Vinyasa Flow (India, Goa)

I am interested not in objects but specifically in the spaces between them.

What is between inhalation and exhalation? What is between one yoga pose and another?

Space. It opens up within our body, in our breath, in our minds, and much deeper.​ What can happen when no object binds me, and I feel complete? It's the freedom flowing within us.

Respect for the yoga tradition and a constant search for how to integrate it into today's context. That is my main task.

I advocate for a healthy balance and sustainable movement in the long run. And it consists of consistent steps, understanding our physical body, and the ability to listen to it.

Coming from the field of architecture, yoga practice for me is about creating internal spaces. I have experienced office life, creative work, so I know well what a burnt-out mind and body needs. In practice, I pay a lot of attention to safety and detail. I want everyone who comes to practice to continue their movement journey smoothly.


Let's search for the harmony of internal composition together, so that tranquility and elevation can unfold. It's a great opportunity to share this harmony not only with oneself during practice but also in the flow of everyday life with others.

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Lina Aukštuolė

I am a certified Yoga Alliance teacher (RYT 200) and I teach Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. I am also a certified Children's yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance YACEP courses "Yoga Zoo"). In my practices, I emphasize attentiveness, functionality (poses adaptation to different bodies) and sensations (somatic movement). In order to provide a deeper yoga experience, I use the principles of mindfulness-based stress management. 


I believe that yoga does not only happen on the mat as everyone can bring it home  and adapt it to their own life journey. Knowing what yoga trully is and how we experience it are very important parts of the practice. 

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Živilė Samana

I am a dedicated practitioner of sound healing and meditation arts. I am also a certified yoga instructor. My journey into the realms of gong baths and yoga commenced 13 years ago while the world of meditation unfolded before me a decade ago. For seven years, I immersed myself in Southeast Asia, dedicating my time studying, researching, and nurturing my deep passion for these ancient traditions. My path led me to attend numerous Vipassana retreats, and I even had the privilege of residing in a Buddhist monastery for several months. Conscious living has not only become my way of life but also my guiding light.


Sound, with its profound ability to soothe the mind and body while restoring inner and outer harmony, holds a special place in my heart. Personal sound massage experiences are particularly transformative. I owe my knowledge and practice of playing gongs and Tibetan singing bowls to masters from the United Kingdom.


I always welcome you in my practices with an open heart.

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Laura Marija

My name is Laura Marija, I am an interdisciplinary artist and sound therapy practitioner. I express myself through sound healing, Reiki, and sensory energy drawings. I call myself a 21st-century flaneuse (a woman who wanders the streets), shaped by my life in various cities: Barcelona, London, and New York. The main themes of my practice include psychogeography, intimacy, softness, friendship, and spiritual healing. Currently, I am experimenting with a playground of body games, creating rituals using drawings and flower petals, exploring new forms of spirituality, revealing vulnerability through sensation.


I completed two levels of Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Therapy courses at Selda Soul Space in London. I have also completed Reiki studies. I connect sound healing and Reiki with my artistic practices, enjoying the magical synergy and wishing to share it with the world.


I am delighted to breathe and experience crystal frequencies together with you.

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Ugnė Tarasė

Various forms of art have always been an integral part of my life. I graduated from the Kaunas Arts High School, later the Vilnius Arts Academy, and I have been interested in painting since my early school days. My greatest inspiration is my grandfather, who was also a painter.


A few years ago, I had my own art studio, where I taught children and adults to draw, paint and mold. I am currently working as an interior designer and have been creating colorful paintings for eight years. Sometimes they end up not only on the canvas, but also on the walls and clothes. Inspired by the closest women in my life - my mother, grandmother and girlfriends, I organized my first personal exhibition "body shape", which toured several cities, and now, I am slowly gathering and preparing for another one.


I am always amazed to see how a white canvas turns into a colorful object that decorates any space. I really hope that by coming to my classes, you will also be fascinated by colors, shapes and will let your imagination run free. 

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