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Single visit - 25 eur

Buying 4x plan - 22.5 eur

Buying 8x plan - 21.25 eur 


With Ugnė

Wednesday 19:30

This class is held in Lithuanian.

This is a place to relax your mind and immerse yourself in creativity. During each class we will create and learn something new as well as deepen our knowledge. We will try to implement the ideas you brought on canvas, paper, or maybe even on clothes?


This is a free space for your creativity. Everyone can participate in the class – each one of us has the imagination of an artist.


Ugnė Tarasė

Various forms of art have always been an integral part of my life. I graduated from the Kaunas Arts High School, later the Vilnius Arts Academy, and I have been interested in painting since my early school days. My greatest inspiration is my grandfather, who was also a painter.


A few years ago, I had my own art studio, where I taught children and adults to draw, paint and mold. I am currently working as an interior designer and have been creating colorful paintings for eight years. Sometimes they end up not only on the canvas, but also on the walls and clothes. Inspired by the closest women in my life - my mother, grandmother and girlfriends, I organized my first personal exhibition "body shape", which toured several cities, and now, I am slowly gathering and preparing for another one.


I am always amazed to see how a white canvas turns into a colorful object that decorates any space. I really hope that by coming to my classes, you will also be fascinated by colors, shapes and will let your imagination run free. 

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