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A different setting for your event 

Usually when we think about certain people, we don't remember what they were wearing. We remember the time spent together. Adventures, experiences... Moments.

We invite you to create an unforgettable, unique experience with friends, family, or colleagues. And it doesn't matter whether it's a big and important celebration or an ordinary Saturday afternoon. It will be extraordinary as much as we make it.

Esu Dabar studio offers unique concepts for private gatherings. These concepts are diverse, just like all of us, so it's really easy to find something that suits your group of friends/colleagues the best.

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Programs for private events

the minimum number of participants - 6 persons


Breathwork practice + brunch at "Demoloftas"

Duration: 3h


Price per person: 45 EUR


Painting session / Creative workshop

Duration: 2h

Price per person: 35 EUR + 5 EUR if you want to paint on canvas


NADA acupuncture + cacao ceremony for women

Duration: 3h

Price per person: 55 EUR


Sound healing + painting therapy session

Duration: 2.5h

Price per person: 40 EUR


Breathwork session, Sound healing or Movement practice/yoga

Duration: 1.5h

Price per person: 30 EUR

After the session, you can stay in the studio with your own drinks/snacks. Additional hour - 50 EUR.

Additional services:

  • Breakfast/lunch at the restaurant "Demoloftas," in a specially reserved space (20 EUR/person)

  • Projector rental

  • Tables rental

  • Choice of snacks and non-alcoholic beverages (15 EUR/person)

  • Photographer (180 EUR/hour)

  • Space decoration according to your needs (from 300 EUR)

Descriptions of the programs and all the information about rental and private events

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T. Ševčenkos g. 16a-124, 03111 Vilnius

(entrance from Vytenio street, II floor)

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