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Single visit - 25 eur

Buying 4x plan - 22.5 eur

Buying 8x plan - 21.25 eur 


With Kristina

Monday 19:30

Depending on the needs, this class is held in Lithuanian or English.

The psychedelic breathing technique helps you experience yourself deeply in a very short time. This way of breathing affects physical and emotional health, helps to "arrange" lost thoughts, find inner answer. It also can help to reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia, and get rid of excess emotions. 

We start this with an intro meditation, using a calming pranayama technique to find ourselves in "here & now" moment. Then we dive into a psychedelic breathing session with specially selected music, where the rhythm becomes your guide. At the end of the session, I invite you to completely relax in the sounds of live music instruments, calming smells and the sound of my voice. 

The practice is suitable for everyone, no preparation is required.



I strongly believe that each of us has a full set of tools to help us feel the way we want to. After I discovered the power of breathwork four years ago, I started to constantly deepen my knowledge about different breathing techniques, adaptable in everyday life. Today, I guide group, personal sessions and I organize psychedelic breathing evenings where I invite people to deeply experience the inner mind & body processes and recognize where their tension is coming from. In each of my class I also guide people through specific meditations, which can help to reach a state of relaxation really deeply and quickly. 


Practising breathing can significantly improve the quality of life and help to get rid of anxiety, insomnia, physical and emotional pain. I know from my own experience that by using this powerful tool we can become much healthier & happier.

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