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Single visit - 25 eur

Buying 4x plan - 22.5 eur

Buying 8x plan - 21.25 eur 

Sound Healing:
Crystal Bowls

With Laura Marija

Sunday 19:30

*Practice does not take place every week - you can find information in the schedule section

This class can be held in Lithuanian or English.

"Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls" are tools for the highest-frequency sound therapy. The bowls are made of quartz with added various minerals, making each bowl unique with specific energetic qualities. The frequency of each bowl is revealed only upon its creation; each bowl chooses its own note and frequency.


As the human body is composed of more than 70% water, sound frequency stimulation affects us deeply at the cellular level. Sound vibrations relax our nervous system, calm the mind, and allow the body to deeply unwind.


Benefits of Crystal Singing Bowl Therapy: reduction of stress and anxiety, strengthening of the immune system, improved sleep, a calmer and more peaceful state, tension release, clearing blocked energy, and balancing of chakras.


Laura Marija

My name is Laura Marija, I am an interdisciplinary artist and sound therapy practitioner. I express myself through sound healing, Reiki, and sensory energy drawings. I call myself a 21st-century flaneuse (a woman who wanders the streets), shaped by my life in various cities: Barcelona, London, and New York. The main themes of my practice include psychogeography, intimacy, softness, friendship, and spiritual healing. Currently, I am experimenting with a playground of body games, creating rituals using drawings and flower petals, exploring new forms of spirituality, revealing vulnerability through sensation.


I completed two levels of Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Therapy courses at Selda Soul Space in London. I have also completed Reiki studies. I connect sound healing and Reiki with my artistic practices, enjoying the magical synergy and wishing to share it with the world.


I am delighted to breathe and experience crystal frequencies together with you.

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